Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a new corporate visual identity for Tecnimusa. The company’s management and staff are fully committed to innovation. This is what motivates us to improve and grow as professionals, together and as a company, adapting flexibly to new times and scenarios. Tecnimusa felt it was necessary to change its visual identity in order to better convey the company’s essence, values and desire to transform.
We at Tecnimusa are committed to human innovation. We believe in innovation from a humanised perspective, with new developments serving to improve people’s quality of life. From a position of mutual trust, we help our clients find different solutions while adapting to their needs at any given time.

The dominant colour in the new palette is orange, a colour traditionally associated with Tecnimusa. However, we are now using a bolder shade than before, as we feel this better conveys the intensity of the values that underpin our company. Blue is also used as a symbol of innovation and technology, significant R&D activity and our desire to constantly evolve. We also use a nude colour, which represents the human aspect that is central to everything we do.

We believe in the wonderful power of curiosity, which drives human beings to explore new limits every day. We have the courage to not give up when we are faced with difficulties. Our new logo comprises a space of exploration in which the following concepts can be found: the possibility of change as a way of identifying and adopting new solutions, and adaptability as a way of finding an alternative when required.

Logotipo Tecnimusa New Technology Solutions

Our company’s cornerstones are intelligence, as a tool for achieving good results; and creativity, as a basis for innovation. The image of an inspirational goddess, a muse, serves as a graphic representation of these key traits.

We are confident that this new corporate visual identity accurately reflects our vision, values, and commitments. We continue to seek bespoke solutions, with the same reliability and rigour as always. This allows inspiration to flow, and ensures that the muses will always find us innovating.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey.