Leonardo Torres Quevedo, the most extraordinay Spanish inventor of all times

Leonardo Torres Quevedo, the most extraordinay Spanish inventor of all times

One day in January 1906, in a hall in Bilbao full of spectators and in the presence of the king himself, a Spanish genius changed the world, once again. Leonardo Torres Quevedo, engineer, mathematician and inventor born in Cantabria, demonstrated his most recent creation: “the Telekino“, the first remote control. One of the many contributions he made to the development of mankind.   

Torres Quevedo was not only ingenious and brilliant at innovating in various fields of science. His visionary mind had an exceptional acuity to glimpse the future with total clarity.  

In his day, electricity, automation, computing and wireless communication were, if anything, emerging concepts. But this extraordinary man was already designing and building machines that defied the known laws of physics… that seemed straight out of science fiction:  

  • He laid the groundwork for automation and what we now know as “Artificial Intelligence” . As a demonstration of his work, he designed an automaton robot with the ability to play chess games against anyone.  
  • He was a pioneer in computer science. He designed the first digital calculator. It had memory and an arithmetic logic unit. It consisted of a typewriter that served as a keyboard for entering data and printing the results on paper.   
  • He invented the first cable car 🚠 , a system that covered a distance of 280 meters and allowed a smooth ascent of Mount Ulía. It was the same system that was implemented in the U.S. to cross Niagara Falls. There was never an accident!  
  • He revolutionized airship technology, incorporating a balloon design with three lobes, significantly increasing its safety. Used by several armies.  

Leonardo Torres Quevedo was more than a prodigious inventor. He designed bridges and systems that connected mankind to the future. Showing once again that the limits we know of technology are just the beginning. And that Spain has always woven the progress of humanity. 

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