Box closing and sealing machine
developed for INDITEX


Global textile giant, INDITEX, has seamlessly integrated Tecnimusa's eco-efficient automation machinery into its intralogistics processes for over 16 years.


One of the successfully tackled challenges was centered around the need for automatic sealing of cardboard boxes, addressing various specific requirements.

Efficiently handling boxes filled beyond their capacity.

This would result in significant savings in logistic costs, as it allows for the transportation of more garments in less space, while also reducing environmental impact by enabling the transport of a greater number of items per trip.

Providing a double life to packaging

By reusing cardboard boxes more than once in their internal logistics operations.

Utilizing various formats

Making the change automatically and without slowing down the conveyor speed.

Tecnimusa conceived and designed an automatic taper and sealer with the capacity to efficiently address the stated needs

The success of the machine led to its mass production

with nearly 90 installations to date

For each of these automation projects, we ensure our clients:

The adaptation of the machine to the constraints of its location.

Complete integration with other systems and machines operating in its environment.

Putting into operation and on-site training of your maintenance personnel.

Technical assistance and regular updates to keep the machines in top condition.

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of maintenance

The machines manufactured by Tecnimusa require minimal and timely technical assistance, which is provided promptly when needed. This ensures to the customer...

Tecnimusa is an R&D-intensive company: the machinery developed is in constant evolution, prototyping, and continuous improvement.

The current box closing and sealing machine is unbeatable in


Detection of various box widths and automatic adjustment without reducing the production speed of the machine.

Double box measurement system to increase precision in sealing and taping.

Sealing system that removes air inside the box, preventing deformation or hindering closure.

In addition to the servo motors for positioning, it incorporates a system of pneumatic cylinders for continuous adaptation to the box surface.

Repositioning the tape location to improve ergonomics, making it easier to replace when it runs out.

Box centering reinforced with a roller system ensures the correct closing of the upper flaps, preventing deformities when working with very full boxes.

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