The Hanging Garment Counter

It is necessary in companies and factories in the textile industry, as in other industrial sectors, to constantly evolve the processes of production, storage and distribution of the different textile products. This evolution also implies the development and implementation of machinery adapted to new technologies. 

The automation of intralogistics processes currently facilitates cost savings, increased competitiveness and sustainability. It also reduces human error and enables its detection. Today we will show how one of the categories of automated machines in our portfolio helps to achieve all these benefits and objectives. These machines are the Hanging Garment Counter and the Dock Hanging Garment Counter.

Features of the Hanging Garment Counter

As its name suggests, this type of system is used in the textile industry to count and identify accurately, automatically and in real time the batches of garments hung on hangers, thus optimising the logistics process. In addition, it has a very high detection rate of human error, as well as mistakes in the RFiD labelling of garments.

The machine sends the identifier and the number of garments in each group in real time via an Ethernet network, which allows the Garment Counter to be connected to a local network via a cable by means of TCP/IP communication. This makes it possible to control and manage the transit of garments, as well as to control their evolution in each of the stages within the warehouse. It also allows the identification of a possible fall or theft of garments. This enables, in other words, the location of possible incidents.

Among its characteristics, one of them stands out: its adaptability to any air transport system, to different hanger formats and types, and to situations that are difficult to detect, such as intertwined or overlapping hangers or hangers carrying plastic wrap. It is also possible to send information about the number of garments in real time. It can reach a chain speed of up to two metres per second and its margin of error is less than 1×10,000. Finally, the Garment Counter provides high reliability in the event of starts and stops or of speed fluctuations within the transport system.

Characteristics of the Dock Hanging Garment Counter

In the same way as the Hanging Garment Counter, this automated industrial machine also optimises this process, allowing garment hangers to be identified and counted in real time. The main difference between the two is the adaptation of the latter to the overhead transport of hanging garments in loading docks. The rest of the features are similar in both machines.

The Garment Counter records the garment model, colour, quality and size. A packing list (a document/inventory of the goods) of the contents is obtained this way, allowing us to know immediately and accurately whether the goods conform to the expected conditions and quantities.

Given their high counting capacity of up to 50,000 garments per hour, these systems are designed for large manufacturers and distributors in the textile fashion industry who work with hanging garments in their logistics processes.