The story of TALGO: Articulate Light Train Goicoechea Oriol

The story of TALGO: Articulate Light Train Goicoechea Oriol

The TALGO 🇪🇸 has changed the history of rail transportation in the world. Conceived and designed in the 1940s by the mastermind of Spanish engineer Alejandro Goicoechea, today it is a train that crosses at high speeds the tracks of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan… 

The story of TALGO? It is a fascinating story, full of revolutionary ideas and great perseverance. And it involves two advanced and visionary minds: 

🚀Goicoechea, the creative genius with a passion for trains, who overturned the technical conceptions of the time. 

🚀Oriol, the entrepreneur with an innovative spirit who believed in and bet, against all odds, on Goicoechea’s ingenuity. 

At that time, several metal plates were used in the manufacture of trains, which were overlapped and riveted together with steel bolts to hold them together, which increased the weight exponentially. 

💡What did Goicochea do? He designed the lightest wagon that had ever existed. To do this, he assembled it completely by means of joints made with electric welding. A revolutionary innovation at the time. 

He devised a train that was very light, indestructible, vibration-free, with less energy consumption, a unique rolling system and a futuristic look: 

  •  Multiple short carriages joined together by means of an articulation system. 
  •  Low center of gravity for greater stability. 
  •  Independent guided wheels, which adapt to the curvature of the track. 

Jose Luis Oriol provided the financing and his wise advice. Together they founded the company TALGO: Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol. 

The first TALGO was successfully inaugurated in 1950, with the Madrid-Irun route. And, since then, its technology, a masterpiece of engineering in Spain, has dominated the planet’s railway systems. 🚆🌐 

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