Helicopters 🚁 are the fruit of the genius and vision of the Spanish engineer Juan de La Cierva. A prodigious mind that revolutionized aerodynamics in the world. And who placed at his feet the military air forces of the great powers of the planet: the United Kingdom, the USA, France, Russia…

The interest in creating a helicopter was a subject of interest to several inventors. But the only one who mastered the laws of physics and designed a rotary-winged aircraft that took to the skies was La Cierva.

At only 24 years of age, his mind was a fountain of innovative ideas that he quickly translated into calculations, plans and prototypes. Thus, at an astonishing pace, this celebrated inventor conceived the GYROPLANE, the aircraft that laid the scientific foundations of the modern helicopter.

💡 De La Cierva radically transformed the way we fly. He designed an innovative rotor system. Its self-rotating wings were arranged on a vertical axis protruding from the fuselage of the machine and did not need an engine to drive them.

💡 When the aircraft reached a certain speed, the rotor blades began to rotate driven by the air, thus achieving the necessary lift force to raise the aircraft. That’s why in English they call it “the flying windmill”.

💡 He then refined his initial model to achieve vertical takeoff, eliminate noise and vibration, increase stability and achieve higher horizontal speed (max. 230 km/h).

The first helicopter was built in Germany by Focke, who had acquired the GYROPLANE license. In his own words: “I made the first helicopter because La Cierva did not do it himself. With his genius and knowledge he could have designed it better and in less time.” 💪

🥇De La Cierva had boundless energy and an impressive command of applied mathematics. This allowed him to solve the problems of stability and safety that limited other pioneers. He was even praised by the greats: Henry Ford and Thomas A. Edison.

With his ability to combine creativity and scientific rigor, he managed to design a technological marvel. A masterpiece of Spanish engineering that marked the beginning of a new era in world aviation.

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