PLD Space

PLD Space

In 2011, Raúl Torres and Raúl Verdú, two visionary engineering students, merged their audacity and passion for the cosmos. Thus was born PLD Space, an aerospace company that took Spain to new heights, literally. Their goal, the first Spanish space launch. Did they achieve it? More than that. They made history with the triumphant launch of the MIURA 1 rocket 🚀.

On October 7, 2023, Spain entered the global space race. On that day, MIURA 1, the first private European suborbital rocket, entered the scene. Designed by PLD Space, this magnificent model took off from the beaches of Huelva, reaching an altitude of 47 kilometers in 306 seconds, before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean.

And it’s only the beginning. This experimental launch has provided essential information for PLD Space’s key mission:

  • To technologically develop the MIURA 5 orbital launcher, the rocket that will position Spain among the select group of countries with the capacity to send satellites into space.

PLD Space has established itself as a European benchmark in the development of reusable launchers. The two “Raúls”, geniuses of great perseverance and tenacity, started this odyssey with only 3,000 euros. Today, PLD Space has catapulted its financing to more than 120 million euros, becoming a strategic company for the whole of Europe.

What began as a dream of two young students has now set Spain on an unstoppable path to space.

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