Emilio Herrera and the first spacesuit

Emilio Herrera and the first spacesuit

On July 20, 1969, the human being set foot on the Moon. A feat that was possible thanks to the boundless imagination of a Spanish engineer and military man, Emilio Herrera. Neil Armstrong himself brought him a moon rock as a sign of recognition, and expressed that “without him this trip would have been impossible”.

Thirty years before the race to the Moon began, the visionary Emilio Herrera had already dreamed up, designed and built the first spacesuit. He called his model the “stratonautic suit”

How did he manage to conquer space? Herrera wanted to study cosmic radiation. So he set himself a dangerous challenge that no one had ever achieved: to ascend in a balloon to 26,000 meters high, until he reached the stratosphere. So, this born explorer and innovator, in addition to building a balloon capable of making the journey, used his knowledge and creativity to design a suit with:

  • A complex system of 3 layers (wool, rubber and fabric reinforced by steel cables), all protected by an external layer of silver, which guaranteed an internal temperature of 33° C in an environment of -79° C.
  • A self-contained breathing system, powered by pure oxygen
  • A cylindrical steel hull, coated with aluminum. With:
    • An internal microphone without carbon.
    • A 3-lens visor with anti-fog treatment to protect against radiation and shocks
  • Each joint (shoulders, elbows, fingers, hips and knees) featured a metal accordion, which would allow the pilot to operate freely.

This master of science was a pioneer of aviation and aerospace in Spain 🇪🇸. He was an aviation general, scientist, technologist and inventor.


A genius acclaimed by geniuses who earned the admiration of Einstein himself. Emilio Herrera’s bold vision and unwavering mettle transcended the earth’s atmosphere, taking Spanish engineering to unimaginable heights .

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