Key factors for choosing case erector machines in packaging lines

Key factors for choosing case erector machines in packaging lines

In today’s industrial age, where every second counts, automation is the cornerstone for accelerating operations, increasing accuracy and maximizing profits.

Within this context, a key piece in the production line is the automatic carton erector. A strategic solution that can work in conjunction with fillers, sealers and labeling equipment, thus optimizing the final product packaging process.

Case erectors are advanced solutions that quickly fold and assemble cartons. However, choosing the right equipment is a strategic decision that requires considering multiple factors, defining the company’s needs and analyzing the various options on the market.

In this post we identify the key factors for selecting a cash forming machine that meets operational requirements and contributes to the optimization of industrial results.

Types of case erectors: automatic or semi-automatic?


The design specifications of carton erectors may differ from one manufacturer to another. But generally speaking, these machines fall into two categories:



The automatic carton erector performs the entire carton assembly process without human intervention. The same machine takes the flat carton from the magazine, assembles it into the proper shape and folds its bottom flaps.

Some automatic case erectors include modules that complement the packaging automation, such as case sealing modules (with adhesive tape or gluing). In this case, the case erector itself folds and seals the bottom flaps, ejecting the assembled case, ready for product insertion.

These are efficient machines perfect for high-demand operating environments. Depending on the manufacturer, automatic case erectors can erect up to 13 cases per minute. In addition to increasing overall productivity, they are solutions that decrease labor requirements and increase worker safety.


These case erectors automatically perform only part of the case erecting process. They require operator intervention at the beginning of the process, to manually load and position the flat boxes in the system. The erector then assembles the case, closing the bottom flaps. In addition, it holds it firmly while it is being filled by an operator.

At the end, the operator must manually close the top flaps and press the switch that allows the box to slide into the sealing station.

Semi-automatic case erectors represent a first step towards full automation of the packaging process. They can be an option for small companies or warehouses that still have manual processes and wish to use independent machinery.

Key factors for choosing the most suitable automatic case erector


Selecting an automatic carton erector, with the most suitable design specifications, depends on the expected production results, packaging line characteristics, carton sizes, packaging customization, etc. Some of the key factors are as follows:

1 Type of industry or business


The nature and objectives of the company define the type of case erector. For example:

  • In manufacturing or production companies it is usual to need a case erector that is part of a larger packaging line. In addition, at the industrial level, the use of machines that guarantee production stability is required. In this case, the best option is an automatic case erector that can be integrated with other equipment on the line and that automatically adjusts to the different case dimensions, avoiding downtime.
  • For e-commerce companies or warehouses that handle various case sizes, the most productive option is also an automatic case erector that integrates with the packaging line, increases the speed of operations and automatically adapts to the size of the case.

2 Flexibility


It is vital to consider the adaptability of the automatic case erector. These machines must be easy to use and simple to adjust to different packaging needs, case types and other specific needs of the production process. For example, an automatic carton erector with a flexible configuration should:

  • Present a tactile interface, with simple control panels.
  • Adapt to special box formats.
  • Automatically adjust to different box sizes.
  • Incorporate the option of closing/sealing and pressing/gluing modules. This reduces downtime and ensures a smooth workflow with seamless transitions. In addition, staff can devote their time to more productive tasks.

3 Case erector speed


The speed of the erector to erect the cases directly affects the operational efficiency. It is therefore essential to evaluate the packaging process and define how fast the end-of-line should run and how many cases should be erected per minute.

Of course, when choosing a high-speed automatic case erector, you always have the option to operate at a slower speed, but you may also be choosing and paying for features and speed that your company does not need. However, it is also possible that you are choosing and paying for features and speed that your company does not need. What would be the ideal choice?

It is important to consider a formers with a certain expansion capacity, which can operate 10-15% faster than the packaging line operates. This is a percentage that serves as a baseline for any unforeseen production issues or line optimization in the future.

4 Eco-efficiency


Adopting state-of-the-art machines can guarantee both high precision of operations and high energy efficiency. In addition to this, it is important that the automatic carton erector has the capacity to work with both new and used cartons.

For example, there are automatic case erectors that allow the reuse of cartons from suppliers as packaging for outgoing products. This not only reduces costs by reducing box purchases, but also reduces waste and the cost of disposal.

This feature saves costs for the company and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the industrial and logistics sector.

5 Need for customization


There is a wide range of forming machines on the market, making it relatively easy to choose a standard model that works with a given size and style of box. There are even advanced solutions that automatically detect the size of the box and adjust their system.

But if the process or carton type specifications are outside of what a standard carton erector can offer, custom engineering is the only option. A custom-designed automatic case erector is the best way to optimize packaging operations.

It is a machine that will possess the advanced features needed to raise industry productivity, lower maintenance costs and adapt to expected eco-efficiency requirements.

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